Sound is one of the ways people perceive the world, and a wonderful sound can make you feel good. Of course, there are some voices that are less popular. On the way to work, you can hear the passengers in the carriage fiercely talking.

In the office, next to the little sister and boyfriend quarrel, you become an innocent "listener." In the bedroom, the roommate yelled at who had used up his new shampoo. All this, I'm afraid, is not the sound you want to hear, if you can choose, you will block these sounds?


Honor FlyPods 3 True Wireless Headphones Experience Double Noise Reduction for Quiet Time

The method is always more difficult than, you do not want to hear these sounds, you choose to block these sounds inside, the results found or useless, then you should change your mind, try using the physical soundproofing method. Merchants are always smarter than consumers, and when they see what needs the market, they develop what products.

No, want to cut off noise, then start with the headset, the active noise reduction headphones came into being, and then derived wireless active noise reduction headphones.

The Honor FlyPods 3 True Wireless Headset is one such product, supporting active noise reduction, physically blocking sounds you don't want to hear, leaving only the sound you want. Although the headset is out of the noise, the sound quality doesn’t go, and the bass and clear vocals will add color to your sound world.

The Honor FlyPods 3 True Wireless Headset is a wireless two-ear stereo Bluetooth headset released in November 2019. The headset features an in-ear scheme and is better worn than other semi-open headphones.

The headset is equipped with a 10mm diameter ring unit and comes with three microphones for noise reduction, while maintaining high-quality music while maintaining noise reduction.

Active Noise Reduction, Don't Want to Hear the Whole Inaudible

Wireless active noise-cancelling headphones, which have only been on the hot track for two years, have been in the niche route.

On the one hand, the reason is that the price of active noise-cancelling headphones is relatively high, more in the 1000 yuan to 3000 yuan, for ordinary consumers, the cost is somewhat high.

Another aspect is the insight into noise-cancelling headphones, which are designed for workers working in high-intensity noise environments.

Later, the average consumer no longer want to hear these disturbing external noise, want to pursue a better life, began to touch the active noise-cancelling headphones.

The Honor FlyPods 3 True Wireless Headphones cost $799 and are one of the most cost-effective active noise-cancelling headphones on the market. However, that doesn't mean that the noise-cancelling capabilities of the Honor FlyPods 3 headphones will be discounted.

The headset is designed with a feed-back and feedback noise reduction microphone to achieve dual noise reduction, noise reduction up to 32dB, and can provide a quieter environment for users.

For example, when I usually go to work, I need to take the bus first, and then transfer to the subway, the car that "busy" atmosphere and the sound of the car dripping horn, so that I am in this environment, just want to quietly listen to music, brush micro-blog.

The Honor FlyPods 3 headphones' powerful noise-cancelling ability will help me block these sounds, and i only have my favorite music in my ear.

Honor FlyPods 3 True Wireless Headphones

In addition, the Honor FlyPods 3 True Wireless Headset has three microphones built in, making it the first three-microphone noise-cancelling headset in Honor.

The headset uses the "in-ear FB mic pick-up sound plus external dual mic fusion noise reduction" three-mac call noise reduction technology, compared to the single mic or double mic competition, with greater noise reduction capacity.

I never thought that the way to reduce noise was so straightforward and easy. When you are in a subway car, restaurant and other environmental noise is more obvious, Honor FlyPods 3 true wireless headphones headphones outside the microphone can detect ambient noise, let the headphones emit noise-lowering waves, thus achieving the effect of reducing noise.

The microphone inside the headset then continues to capture the excess noise inside the headset, again making a drop noise wave for a secondary elimination.

Will the sound quality get worse after active noise reduction?

Consumers who don't know the noise-cancelling headset may be concerned that the headset will affect the original sound quality of the headset after active noise reduction.

First of all, such a statement is unfounded, and then, don't forget that the main role of noise-cancelling headphones is to listen to sound, noise-cancelling headphones are as important as the sound quality and noise reduction capabilities.

In the current noise-cancelling headphone market, there should be no manufacturers only to do noise-cancelling headphones, but ignore the sound quality of the headphones.

The Honor FlyPods 3 headphones fit in a small cavity into a 10mm-sized ring unit. We all know that the ring unit will be warm in tone, perfect for listening to vocals, bass and large compositions.

This polymer composite film for the 10mm large unit allows the audio signal to be fully responsive, perfectly restoring the details of the sound.

In addition, the tuning of the Honor FlyPods 3 headphones is done by Huawei Audio Lab, after tuning the headset three-frequency balance, the human voice is more pleasant, so that users can feel more music emotions.

I picked out a few songs I would listen to and wanted to test whether this high-noise-cancelling headset could look like it was. The first to listen to is from Deng Ziqi singing "Beyond the Light Years", this song is after "Bubble", so that Deng Ziqi once again fire song, very worthy of listening.

First, the song begins with a piano accompaniment, and the sound coming from the Honor of FlyPods 3 is clean and unobtrusive, as if it can be heard sounding when the keys fall off.

Then there is Deng Ziqi's song, Deng Ziqi's tone is high, round and sound, the recognition degree is very high. Deng Ziqi singing has a feature, is her nasal resonance with more, the voice will be with some nasal cavity out of the bass, and this headset will be her these characteristics of the performance is very stable, bite words sound full, very emotional.

Let's listen to another Cai Qin's Ferry, as a special audition song, "Watanabe" can test the sound of the mid-bass area performance. The song begins with a clean drum beat, heard from the Honor flyPods 3, the bass dive position of the drum dot is sufficient, and the sound range is accurate enough to tell which place is coming. Then there's Cai Qin's voice, and as an excellent soprano, her voice is warm, like whispering her story to the audience.

I am satisfied with the performance of this headset in the mid-tone area, the vocals are not disturbed by the sound of the instrument in the bass area, and the sound is well separated.

Then I listened to Dimahi's version of Opera 2, and the song was mainly about testing the performance of the Honor FlyPod 3 in the tweeter. The violin sound at the beginning doesnot explain much, because as mentioned earlier, this headset is very good for instrumental music.

In this headset, Dimahi can be heard across several sound ranges, and the treble is transparent and bright, especially in the dolphin-sounding part. The high-pitched voice from the headphones echoed throughout the brain, euphemistically and not harsh, the sense of space and stereoscopic feeling is very sufficient, really want to listen to it all the time.

All in all, the Honor FlyPods 3 headphones are good for my "taste", whether it's playing vocal songs or large-scale instrumental music, and you can accurately show the details of the song.

Especially in the interpretation of vocal songs, the bass dive position is enough, the treble is not shrill, and the thick texture of the midrange area makes me prefer this headset. The 10mm large-size unit in the low, medium and high sound rangecan can highlight the characteristics between the sound area, and there is no sound blurring.

Smart Appearance, Comfortable Wear, How to Throw Away

Of course, the Honor of the FlyPods 3 headphones is also well valued, for its cost-effective properties to add a lot to the point. The headphone box of the Honor FlyPods 3 True Wireless Headphones, shaped like a white pebble, is made with a mirrored process and feels very silky.

The top of the headphone box is only adorned with the Honor brand Logo, and the "HONOR" letter is very percepable and concise. The front of the headphone box is designed with an indicator that changes the color of the headset, and everything looks just right.

Many friends will worry about the comfort of real wireless headphones, Honor FlyPods 3 true wireless headphones with an in-ear design, carefully crafted "conical" look, can let the headset deep into your ear, make wearing more comfortable, whether it is a love of running or doing other intense exercise, will not easily fall off.

Honor FlyPods 3 True Wireless Headphone Wearing Experience

The Honor FlyPods 3 True Wireless Headphones feature a soft silicone earbud set in four different sizes: L-code, M-code, S-code, XS code.

Everyone's ear profile is different, but in the Honor FlyPods 3 true wireless headphones equipped with a lot of headset sets, you can easily choose the right size, choose the right headset set, noise reduction ability is better.

The Honor FlyPods 3 true wireless headphones are generally nice to wear, and there won't be the kind of ear-pressing that other headphones have. Also, to my surprise, because my ear canal is small, I often feel the sensation of ear canal swelling when I'm wearing other real wireless headphones, which doesn't happen on the Honor FlyPods 3 true wireless headphones. Moreover, even if the headset pushes hard into the ear canal, it will not cause negative pressure on the ear canal and cause dizziness and other problems.

Tap between Touch-friendly manipulation

How does this headset work when you don't see a solid button on the case of the Honor FlyPods 3 headset? Capacitive touch-sensing devices are built in on both sides of the Honor FlyPods 3 headphone cavity.

When the user needs to switch on and off noise reduction functions and transform songs, they can change the state of the headset with a simple dot and touch. The headset can still be operated when the hands are wet.

Among them, the Honor FlyPods 3 headphones support touch operation on the left and right ears, but users can set points and press to achieve different functions. By default, press and hold the headset touch area to achieve noise reduction on or off, music playback state, left and right ear tap two, to achieve the song playback or pause, of course, these operations can be changed to the right side of the Smart Life app is play pause, left is cut song, etc. , in call mode, left and right ear tap two, Enables answering or hanging up a call.

So why doesn't the Honor FlyPods 3 headset use a physical button? I think the Honor must be considered the all-in-one design and waterproof function of the headset, no solid button, indicating that there is no need to open holes in the headphone case, the sealised also has a guarantee.

In addition, the Honor FlyPods 3 headphones are more suitable for human touch capacitive sensors, operating the headset, do not need to force to push the headset, it will not cause the headset to squeeze the ear canal.

In addition, the Honor FlyPods 3 headphones have built-in anti-touch algorithm, can effectively reduce the mistouch headset to find changes, it is simply the welfare of people who love to touch the ear.

Write At The End

Overall, the noise-cancelling power and sound of the Honor FlyPods 3 true wireless headphones have been so unexpected that I think it's the best active noise-cancelling headset in a thousand dollar slots, and the noise reduction capability has even surpassed some headphones that cost more than $1,500.

Coupled with its excellent sound performance, let me have doubts about the price of this headset once, really only sold for 799 yuan? But since the brand is a tech brand for young people, it makes sense that its products focus on innovation, service and ultimate performance.

If you want to be in a noisy noisy environment, not being disturbed by the outside world, and only enjoyyour own quiet time, you should try the Honor FlyPods 3 true wireless headphones, which will only let you listen to the sounds you want to hear, other noises, you will be "unknown".

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