The popularity of mobile games has given birth to the rapid development of the mobile gaming electronics industry, which also makes the game mobile-friendly with the industry's rapid growth. Black Shark has always been a force to be reckoned within the industry, starting with the first Black Shark phone in 2018.  The brand, which has a strong connection with Xiaomi, has gradually enriched its gaming products category and continuously optimizing its gaming experience - taking the mobile gaming experience to a completely new level through the strengthening of hardware and software.

Black Shark Game Mobile 2 Pro (hereinafter referred to as Black Shark 2 Pro) as the latest in the series, based on the Six Months ago on the basis of the Black Shark 2, it provides a more powerful Qualcomm Dragon 855 Plus mobile platform, adding a more powerful read-write rate UFS 3.0 storage medium, The Samsung GM1 sensor, which was previously slightly slotted, was replaced with the more mainstream IMX586 photosensitive element.

With outstanding paper scores, the Black Shark 2 Pro seems to have gone to great strength in the game. 

Qualcomm Dragon 855 Plus Gaming Performance

Qualcomm's 855 mobile platform is standard for this year's top flagship phone, and in the second half of the year, its upgraded Qualcomm Dragon 855 Plus will no doubt continue to shine in the flagship market because of its stronger performance and better performance.

Compared to the Qualcomm Dragon 855 mobile platform, the Dragon 855 Plus increases the frequency of the Kryo 485 CPU Super Core from 2.84GHz to 2.96GHz, and the eight cores of DynamlQ are still arranged in a combination of 1.3 and 4 to meet the performance needs of different applications. The 7nm process-processed Qualcomm Dragon 855 Plus also means more transistors in the same package area and further better temperature performance.



However, for the Black Shark 2 Pro, the biggest boost for the Qualcomm Dragon 855 Plus mobile platform is the progress of the Adreno GPU, which is still the familiar Adreno 640 GPU, but the GPU's frequency has increased by 15% due to its increased frequency. For everyday gaming needs, Qualcomm SnapDragon 855 and 855 Plus itself also provide driver support for interfaces such as Vulkan 1.1, making it easy for developers to optimize game performance.


The double lift of the CPU and GPU has improved the Black Shark 2 Pro's running score compared to The Black Shark 2, as evidenced by tests by Rabbit and Geek Bench, and it is hard to find another smartphone that can match performance today.

In the 3D Mark test, OpenGL ES 3.1 and Vulkan scored 6280 and Vulkan respectively, both of which were better than 99% of the products on the market.

Of course, to have a great gaming experience, GPU and CPU alone cannot. Qualcomm has always been one of the all-rounders, through the Hexagon processor, Spectra ISP, SnapDragon modem and other components of the collaborative work, as early as the Qualcomm SnapDragon 800 era, it delivers a complete entertainment experience that is unique, and the Qualcomm Dragon 855 Plus inherits all the benefits.

This has to be mentioned in the fully integrated Snapdragon Elite Gaming game solution slotted up to the Dragon 855 and Dragon 855 Plus, which are useful for the game's inclusion in graphics, sound effects, network connectivity, and more. For example, the support for Vulkan 1.1 mentioned earlier is one of them, and based on the Adreno 640 GPU, Snapdragon Elite Gaming also delivers better texture and material presentation, which will also be displayed with cinematic post-processing, color in the generation, Depth of field measurement and tonal mapping are not under the word.

Many people don't know that the Hexagon processor also plays an important role in the game running. In fact, the Hexagon processor on the Qualcomm 855 Plus mobile platform is not just a simple decoder for processing speech and audio, but it is capable of effectively using AI and neural operations such as virtual reality, augmented reality, This is needed for the implementation of image processing, video processing, computational vision, and other functions. Thanks to the teamwork of these "teammates", the Dragon Mobile Platform brings smooth, high-definition game quality and long-term stable high frame rates on a daily basis, making the gaming experience more stable.

Network jitter is also a situation that everyday mobile games want to avoid, and for the real-time demand for online games and social games today, the second-generation Gigabit modem, the Long X24 LTE, built into the Qualcomm 855 Plus mobile platform, has solved the problem. Black Shark 2 Pro provides a maximum 2Gbps downstream transmission rate, supports 7 carrier aggregations for downlink, and achieves a maximum 4x4 path on up to 5 carrier aggregations, with a total of all carriers supporting up to 20 transmission data layers at the same time for stunning downlink effects.

Snapdragon Elite Gaming also brings many extra features to the game, and the Black Shark 2 Pro supports 4K TV-Out, requiring only a USB-C cable to map your phone's picture directly to the big screen. Up to 4K resolution, output means you can always enjoy the fun of the game on the big screen.


Shark Space, original game space more than full frames

SoC ensures that the Black Shark 2 Pro has strong enough performance, so is it as good as you think when it comes to running the game?

The answer is yes. The Black Shark 2 Pro continues Black Shark's consistent software optimization algorithm, which provides a range of AI game optimizations based on Qualcomm Dragon AI Engine. For example, in the course of game operation, it can provide intelligent scene recognition, in the face of high-load scenes such as group warfare, can dynamically adjust CPU/GPU resources, and appropriately through the re-frame and other means, so that the number of game frames always stable at the optimum level.

The most intuitive feeling of the abundance of frames is the smoothness of the picture - whether it is the King's Glorious Battle or the Fire Ninja's big trick, or the fierce aiming of the Peace Elite, the Black Shark 2 Pro provides the most consistent frame rate performance in almost any game. It also ensures that the Black Shark 2 Pro provides the lowest touch delay when you click the button.

One interesting feature is that the Black Shark 2 Pro's screen provides pressure detection, and in the system, the Black Shark provides a set of pressure-sensing operations. For example, in the peace elite game, you can directly on the left and right sides of the screen to set the pressure trigger function, such as open mirror, purchase props and so on; this personalized operation can really improve your operating experience in the daily game.

Shark Space remains in the Black Shark 2 Pro as the signature feature of the Black Shark. The separate Shark button above the right side of the body allows users to access Shark Space at all times. In essence, Shark Space is a stand-alone space dedicated to the game, which can only be exited after entering by physical keystrokes, which means that users can minimize interruptions and become more immersed in the game world when they are turned on.

Shark Space is able to display a range of games, including a phone installation, with card-based interactions, while also providing a range of game-running features. First, once the user enters Shark Space, the system automatically cleans up all background processes, maximizing the memory, operational performance, and network connectivity required for foreground games. At the same time, Shark Space can provide a range of peripheral connections and count users' daily game run data so you can keep up with your gaming habits.

The smooth running of the game is not the only measure of a great experience, and a good game phone needs to have enough durability. The Black Shark 2 Pro offers a 4000mAh capacity battery, combined with a 7nm process to create the Qualcomm Dragon 855 Plus mobile platform, which has enough hardware base for overall battery life, and when used on a daily basis, it can provide about 6 hours of king's glorious running time at maximum brightness, if the screen brightness is reduced, the overall battery life will be further extended.

It's worth noting that the Black Shark 2 Pro also provides up to 27W of fast charging, which can be recharged from 0% to 100% in less than 1 hour and 20 minutes, and about 60% of the phone in half an hour, reducing the overall charging speed under the bright screen, but still relatively fast. This means that with just one game of king's glory, you can bring your phone back to life in the shadow of the unelectric, helping you get back to the battlefield quickly.

There are also small features that, while not directly helpful to the mobile gaming experience, can enhance users' confidence in the game. For example, LED equivalent is one of them, in the Black Shark 2 Pro side and back, still retain the iconic LED lights, not only when the game is running, they will also provide notification function - of course, the attraction of the lights to the user seems to be as attractive as the appearance of the Black Shark, like people will feel cool But people who don't like it will feel a little flamboyant.

Family design for better cooling and better camera performance

Black Shark has always had a unique family-style design, the Black Shark 2 Pro also continued almost all of its DNA, too short the update cycle so that it does not bring too much change on the basis of Black Shark 2, which is why, when you hold the Black Shark 2 Pro, there will be a familiar feeling.

The X-Core's design is impressive, with the re-polished waistline made of through metal, and a few dotted pieces of glass add a touch of warmth to the ice. In fact, the unique back cover is more suitable for the feeling of a cross-grip, when the index finger and the palm of the hand coincide with the back of the arc, which is indeed the ordinary mobile phone can not provide the feeling.

The Black Shark 2 Pro is still insulated from the light and light, and if you're used to the size and weight of today's mainstream phones, the 9.5mm body and 205 weight will definitely give you instantly to feel the weight. Of course, this is also difficult to count as a disadvantage, in some ways, the heavy body produced by the pressure feel can help the hands more stable handshake machine. In fact, considering the structure inside the fuselage, the black shark is indeed difficult to make the fuselage thinner, after all, its fuselage has a much more complex thermal structure than ordinary mobile phones.

Like Black Shark 2, The Black Shark 2 Pro provides a liquid-cooled cooling mode, which Black Shark calls tower-wide cooling, a new structure that works together with multiple layers of thermal structure, separating the processor, RF heating components and battery components of a typical smartphone. First, the black shark inside provides an oversized liquid-cooled plate, compared to the previous generation of liquid content increased 5 times, but also can bring 5 times the amount of heat, it is covered in the processor RF chip area, accelerate the heat dissipation of the high heating part; At the same time, the body covered by nanocomposite multi-layer graphite can also reach the original 2 times the thermal efficiency, further cooling the underlying components of the phone.

In daily use, this cooling module can reduce the core temperature of the fuselage by 14 degrees, and in the internal design, the black shark fully considered the user operating the mobile phone logic mode, it will be 30% of the heat source from the high-load components to the lower part of the body, thus avoiding the heat concentration in a separate area, further reducing the user's grip heat.

The Black Shark 2 Pro offers a 6.39-inch FHD-standard AMOLED fillet screen, which is not designed with Liu Hai, which means that no content masking is generated when used, pure DC dimming and HDR display light parameters are the needs of mainstream users today.

The Black Shark 2 Pro still offers a 48-megapixel main camera, as well as a 12-megapixel telephoto camera, and a combination of dual-cameras looks like a different look on paper, but its interior is already very different. The biggest advance is that the Black Shark replaced the main photosensitive element with the IMX586 in this generation, a 48-megapixel light-sensitive element that provides a native full-pixel output, and the overall resolution power is naturally improved compared to gm1 in the past.


Well, there's not much nonsense, let's see.


Black Shark 2 Pro, born for the game

As the mobile gaming industry has expanded, as it expands, the game phone is no longer a niche category, it is moving towards a wider mass market, and this is undoubtedly the direction of the Black Shark 2 Pro optimization - after strengthening the CPU and camera performance, the Black Shark 2 Pro is undoubtedly better suited to everyday use than the previous generation, which is also more in line with the needs of ordinary users for a high-end smartphone.

And in the black shark's consistently powerful game, it has also been refined. Based on Qualcomm's 855 Plus mobile platform and Snapdragon Elite Gaming solutions, Black Shark 2 Pro offers better sound and picture performance and a more immersive gaming experience that makes it attractive enough for any mobile gamer.

That’s all from our observation